#themeet140 tweetup

#themeet140 tweetup is a very pleasant, random crowd, gathering every so often in London, Cheltenham, Glasgow ... Follow us @themeet140

#themeet140 was unwittingly thrown together by @chrish10 and @markofrespect after meeting at media140 and Likeminds events. We felt that despite our passion for social media, and Twitter especially, it was no alternative to getting interesting people together over food and drinks. So, we put it out there seeking a crowd with a shared interest.

Our first #themeet140 was held at the fantastic Tibits in London on the 21st April where over 20 of us had a great laugh: we decided to put it on again when we were in the same place together, or when the time felt right.

No agenda, just come to see old friends and make new, discuss social media or just pure banter. It is the social part of social media and we love a diverse crowd. 

Oh, just one thing, leave the business cards at home. 

Any questions, just ask Mark @markofrespect or Chris @chrish10

Recent events

Glasgow - Wednesday 26th May 2010

London - Thursday 20th May 2010

Cheltenham - Tuesday 18th May 2010


Blogs featuring #themeet140

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Photos from previous events (send us your links!)

#themeet140 London 21st April photos, thanks to @hedgewytch

Michelle Rodger (@tartancat)
29/05/2010 16:49
#themeet140 blog post as promised, http://bit.ly/twittaholic

chris hall (@chrish10)
29/05/2010 09:11
RT @markofrespect: “When bad weeks go good http://bit.ly/bWMYyk My #themeet140 story!” by @Ange77H. Wow. That made my week.

 chris hall (@chrish10)
28/05/2010 21:43
Mooo. New Cowbell post: Social Media gets ’social’…and we like it! http://bit.ly/b0W40l #themeet140 story

What’s in a name? Is ‘social media’ out of date?

I love hearing new names for ‘social media’ such as social business, social communication etc. The rush for nomenclature in any new area is of constant fascination to me. No, not because I love jargon but because I love the pressure-cooker environment in which new terms are proposed, debated, devoured and used. What sticks, what does not? I have seen this before though.
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