Things they don't tell you about living in London

A guide for those new to London ...

I arrived in London just over 2 years ago and although I have come to love it here it's often a love/hate relationship.


No one is here for their health, and London is a cruel mistress, showing you so many tantalising delights, but giving you precious little time to enjoy them. It is also a place of magic, energy, passion and creativity that you need time to discover for yourself ...

Here are a few things no one told me  ... what are yours?

  • You'll happily travel an hour to a party and not expect to stay over
  • The Circle line is always delayed
  • No matter what you tell yourself, you'll come to see tourists as the enemy of your perfect commuting time, and those who dare to stand on the left side of tube escalators are fair game
  • North Londoners hate South London, but have never been there
  • Cycling in London is not as scary as it seems
  • Your friends from out of town will see more of London in 2 days than you do in a year
  • You'll be paid more than ever but feel poorer than your first job

And here are some great suggestions I received ...

  • Never make eye contact or small talk on the tube, people will think you"re (a) foreign or (b) a nutter - toaster thief
  • If you're out for the evening you either have to be happy with calling it a night by around 11:30, or risk spending the small hours of the night trying to figure out a sequence of busses to get home. (Or alternatively be happy to shell out £25-40 on a taxi) - Edward Woodcock
  • Always have an umbrella in your bag - even if it's ''summer''! - Chloe Nicholls
  • Noise-cancelling headphones and some decent - preferably calming - music make tube journeys much more bearable - Alex Christou

So, what are your London secrets? Leave a comment below and I'll update the list