A Moustache for Life, Not Just Movember


I was asked by Freestate to write for their Themepark blog, I chose a subject close to my heart, well, my nose really ...

The moustache of legend is a sign of strength and manliness, but beyond  the bravado, is the ritual of moustache cultivation more powerful than  we realise? Why through history has overt personal grooming been seen as  effeminate, while the cultivation of a moustache is revered as the very  symbol of masculinity? I posit that what is missing from men's lives is  the ceremony of grooming that a moustache brings. Yes, there has been a  resurgence in the moustache lately, but where once the moustache was  described as having a "wonderfully powerful effect upon a man's whole  expression" it now most usually adorns the ironic lip of hipsters of  Dalston or Willamsberg.

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