Have you lost the love for Facebook?

I signed up for Facebook years ago and for a while it consumed my life. I hunted down old school friends, then after that I added people I barely spoke to at school, and eventually I ended up accepting Friend Requests from completely random people I am not sure I have ever met. To keep the buzz going I was ‘Liking’ pages and adding games like a mad man, and then, suddenly, it hit me: I was bored.

Do you recognise this feeling?

If you do then like me you login every so often, mostly when tagged in some awful photograph, you see promotions from brands you don’t use and updates from people you don’t really care about (go on, admit it).

So, the buzz is gone. Do you move on to the next social network? Get militant and close down your account, screaming about privacy?

I chose another way, a purge.

  • I ‘un-friended’ (horrid word) all but people I am actually friends with, 112 people
  • I ‘un-liked’ all the pages I have no interest in, tens of brands and groups

And what difference did it make? Loads. Using Facebook feels lighter, every post on my wall seems more interesting and relevant, comments on things I upload are from people I actually know and want to reply to.   

So, if you felt like I did, maybe it is time to purge.

I would love to hear your views by commenting below.