#BannedWords: what makes the list?

So, think forward to that joyous time when the revolution comes and your people carry you aloft to rule on high. After settling into your new role you decide to make some changes, “hmm, where to start?” you ponder while absentmindedly checking Twitter: then you see it. “Interwebs? Interwebs! What, in the name of all that is holy, is that?” ... your scribe is called for and so begins your list of banned words.

I have long been passionate about language, and especially the psychology behind why one person loves a certain word and uses it all the time, while to another it is like nails down a blackboard. So, I wondered, what would you decree as banned words when the revolution comes?

To start you off, how about ‘rents, Meh and netizen?

Add a comment below with your #bannedwords