Do words mean the same to say as to hear?

That old adage about us all seeing the colour red differently* got me thinking, what about words and interpretation?

We use words as currency or placeholders to sum up different emotions in shorthand. The problem with this is in the interpretation - although the words we use commonly should have a common meaning for them to be effective, we in fact all have our own interpretations. 

Take the straightforward word “grumpy” - what does this mean to you? If someone described you as grumpy would they be saying that you be upset, depressed, angry, frustrated ... ? I debated this with a friend recently and we both disagreed fundamentally about the specifics, so I want to know what you think?

How would you describe grumpy?

*Apparently this is rot and we do in fact see almost the same colour as each other ...


On a related note, this is fascinating  Linguistic relativity and the color naming debate