#themeet140 Aberdeen, Monday 12th July, Musa, Aberdeen.

A guest blog by @johannabasford

When the rumour started circulating that #themeet140 might come to Aberdeen, I knew this was a hashtag we had to grab onto with both hands. Having enviously scanned the happy tweets following Tweet-ups and previous #themeet140’s ‘down South’ I was determined we had to bring this most Social application of Social Media to Aberdeen and host an event in the Granite City.
To be honest, I wasn’t sure how strong the Twitter community was in Aberdeen, I suspected there would be a lot of heavily corporate accounts, but not so many of the seriously cool individuals whom you stumble across randomly, then wonder how you survived without a daily dose of their life. ‘What the hell’, we thought, ‘we’ll give it a go and see who turns up’.
With heavy support from the cycling accountant @ali_mcgill, we teamed-up with social media Mad Hatter Mark and planned the first #themeet140 at the re-launch night of Aberdeen restaurant, gallery and live music venue, Musa.
We tweeted and plugged the event relentlessly for 2 weeks. Then, we waited…
The response? Around 40 people squeezed their way up the Musa stairs and made a little part of Twitter history! What began as a slightly nervous little gaggle of excited people, exchanging hellos and handshakes, quickly evolved into a sprawling mass of chatter and hearty laughter. With no room to move, the handshakes were quickly abandoned and a relaxed, merry swarm of Tweeters appeared.
The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming, helped along by a wee dram from John at Glen Garioch and of course a plentiful supply of BrewDog – thank you to you both. There was also the much anticipated arrival of the Blue Cheese Ice Cream … did you love it or hate it?!
The characters who turned up were everything we could have hoped for and more; friendly, warm, open people, big personalities, hugely generous with anecdotes, a light undercurrent of eccentric and all with a passion for meeting and speaking to new people. It cheered my occasionally weary heart to see just how many exciting and inspiring Tweeters there were in our little corner of the world. When it comes to social media, it would seem the Aberdeen community is strong and rapidly expanding – a fact which both delights and excites me!
Following the marvelous (yes marvelous) success of the first #themeet140 Aberdeen, we’d love to host another. What do you think?

Some photos from th evening are here.