Stop moaning and walk in their shoes.

At the Likeminds social media conference earlier this year a very brave attendee asked the panel a very provocative question – how to stop her colleagues using social media?

She explained that she worked for a company with many scientists and felt that they were not the right voice of the company. 

The panel did their best to pick it up but there was palpable astonishment in the air. “Why stop them?” was one comment?

After the event I read a tweet from a fellow attendee that they were “haunted” by this question and during the event there were many times I heard this questions discussed.

This shock is understandable on one hand but on another it shows the world most social media enthusiasts working in a company live in: the world of “why”. Why does social media matter to me? Why should I care?

Unless we walk in the shoes of these brave few we can never hope to help them change minds.