#themeet140 Trans-Atlantic Edition

On the 18th June 2010 at 6.30pm the reins are being handed over to our great Californian friend AJ Pape (@ajpape) for a #themeet140 unlike any other: The Trans-Atlantic Edition

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So, what is the format?

We’ll start by grabbing a drink & chatting like every other tweetup, but when the time is right  - the Awesomeness moment* AJ will invite us to introduce ourselves in a uniquely useful way.

Each person who wants to will have a minute to name the project they’re currently most passionate about, tell us the kind of help that would accelerate their project, and say the type of help they most like to give others.

For example “I’m Andrew and I’m putting together a neighbourhood football team in North London. What I need is someone who knows a pitch we could use for practice or the best way to manage an online mailing list for potential team members. How I like helping people is I’m a great cook and I like teaching people new tricks and recipes. If you ply me with a nice bottle of wine I might even cook a meal with you for friends so you can learn by doing and eating!”

Magic eh?! How did we know that you’ve been dying to find a good cook to teach you some new tricks, or someone who needs your ninja mailing list skills? Experience, my friends, a great deal of very specialised experience. And, also, by reading your tweets.

If you’re game for this part of the tweetup then AJ promises to keep it fun, fast-moving, and utterly life-changing. Past go-havers also reported feeling younger, richer, and more attractive.

After that we carry on as normal, turbo-charged by knowing exactly who can help us build a ham radio by hand or who wants to take one of the new litter of kittens off their niece in Torquay.

We’ll be announcing a Central London venue shortly so register for #themeet140 now, then come along on the 18th straight from work or the film set and bring along other interesting folk! 

Our sincere thanks to AJ for putting this together with us.

Hashtag is #themeet140

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*For anyone who finds these sorts of conversations excruciating rest assured it’s utterly voluntary and you can feign heartbreak and astonishment as your mobile beckons you outside for an absolutely urgent call. From a pop star. Or huge new client. Or Cabinet Minister.