I could see just one thing hit maturity in 2011, it would be ... #techMAP

If I could see just one thing hit maturity in 2011, it would be ... Us

Yes, us.

At least those of us who think we know something about social media. Those of us with a chance to make this matter. Especially if you are in a social media agency, or the social person in an agency of any kind.

We know we are not selling another Twitter campaign. Could we be changing society, or better yet, we are redressing the balance in society by re-founding communities. Too big a thought?

How many of us take the same train or tube to work?  I do.

I am new to London but am starting to see the same faces in the carriage each morning. Do I say hello?

Hell no. We have lost that art. Become immature.

I might sit across from the same chap for years and not say hello but I might find out later I have tweeted with him for a year and know more about him and his curious hobbies than his wife does.

We stand on a ledge with social. There is a chance that it removes the atomisation in society, it bridges a gap that we created when we stopped saying hello. But not if we are not careful curators.

If you are passionate about social media you are passionate about people. You will probably be a sharer of knowledge. Someone people trust. If you are passionate about social then you are in a position of responsibility but currently, often, we take an immature view:

  • If we spend our time hunting ‘gurus’ to ‘out’ them, we will not progress
  • If we spend our time angry that a “less social” agency won a job, we will not progress
  • If we are so obsessed with the tools that we forget the psychology of why people who don’t know what “social media” means but love community, love it, we will not progress

And that is why the one thing I want to hit maturity in 2011 is us.

This blog post is my presentation from techMAP London December, this video may also be of interest: 

2011 here we come! @lucyjpayne & @markofrespect #techMAP London from Berniejmitchell on Vimeo.