Today I lost 4 years of my life: a warning

Have you backed up online? Do it now. No, not in a minute, now. You never know when you will lose everything.

Today I found out that the data on the portable hard drive that I had stored all of my family photos and videos on was unrecoverable. That is 4 years of my life gone.

It was so simple. Having bought the hard drive to backup all my files in the first place I had started using it to save edited home movies direcly to. After spending 20 hours creating a video of a 3 week European trip I wanted to show my wife - one quick move of the laptop and BANG, the USB cable to the hard drive was not long enough and pulled it to the floor, 1.5ft max.

And that was it.

Why did I not backup online? Simple, I was getting around to it.

I know there is far worse in life, and in the grander scheme of things this is not really that important. But as I sit here oscillating between frustration and sadness I want to make sure no one else loses something so precious.