Marketing, Investment strategy & Spirits market insight

Hello, my name is Mark Jennings and I consult in three core areas:

INVESTMENT/  How to raise money, especially crowd investment/funding, and how to engage investors after you raise. 

MARKETING/  I solve problems through strategy, tactics and hands on support.

SPIRITS MARKET INSIGHT/  Helping agencies understand the drinks market to win more pitches.

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However good a business idea is, to maximise the chance of raising money you need to market it. The problem is that most people are not natural marketeers and often assume just being on a platform or with an angel syndicate is enough, then a few weeks in they panic. That's when you see a campaign drop off the first few pages (in the case of crowd investment), or they pull it. In the case of angel or institutional process, you don't even hear back.

Having helped companies raise > £1m and run 2 very successful campaigns for my own business (> £300k raised, recognised to be well executed and used as a case study for I know how hard you need to work, and what tactics to use to be effective. I have used this experience to advise businesses such as Dugout FC that was struggling until they worked with me.

"Mark was instrumental in the success of our Seedrs campaign. A few minutes after the initial meeting, we realised there were large areas that we had not even considered. Mark delivered us a plan for the campaign which we stuck to. Over time the results came in and we have connected with more investors and new business partners than we would have thought possible in such a short time period. His work ethic is spotless and he is dedicated to a role 100%. I could not recommend Mark more if you are thinking of raising money on any platform."

Matt Evans, Co-Founder at Dugout FC

Managing a successful campaign requires a huge amount of preparation, organisation and dedication. Mark was exceptionally efficient and creative during both campaigns as well as going beyond what could be expected to update and engage investors after the rounds closed.

Tom Mills, Investment Associate at Seedrs



I have done this since the web was new for organisations as diverse as Sky, Pernod Ricard, Jimmy Choo, Samsung and Scottish Power, as well as government, arts and third sector.

SERVICES: Digital / Social Media strategy, Campaign Planning, Social media community planning, Blogger and Influencer outreach, Website and ecommerce planning and delivery, Digital branding and positioning, Measurement framework development.

“Understanding your business needs and aims and helping you make the best of them in a social environment. Being full of ideas that you can execute and measure the impact of. Having the enthusiasm of a labrador puppy and professionalism of a president. Never presenting you with a PowerPoint deck full of big pictures and recycled ideas. It is because of these reasons that Mark was an absolute joy and pleasure to work with, why I'll be working with him again, and why you should work with him now.”

Sari Blom, Head of Sky Arts at Sky TV

Example campaign : 39 countries; 1 million Facebook Fans; 12,000 tastebuds; 1 new Glenlivet whisky see this Pernod Ricard Case Study.


  • Helped fans in 39 countries choose a new Glenlivet Whisky, and share with 1 million friends
  • Drove Jimmy Choo to become one of the most engaged Facebook communities in the world.
  • Redeveloped the website of UK's oldest regional newspaper achieving a first month increase of 62.7% unique users, average daily visits doubled and repeat visits climbing to 88%.
  • Launched the James Bond book ‘Carte Blanche’ online, achievinga first week sales increase of 54% vs. nearest similar book launch.



I spent 15 years in marketing and advertising agencies. I know how important sector specific knowledge is in winning pitches, especially for large brands.

I work with pitch teams to quickly get them up to speed with how the spirits market works, and deliver niche insight into the brand they are pitching for. We'll taste the spirit, meet the consumers and bartenders who engage with the product and discuss what makes the brand the brand it is.  

You'll go into the pitch better armed than the competition.  



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